Select An Image to resize
Resize the image
Scale proportionally
Rotate options
Rotate clockwise Rotate counterclockwise Flip horizontal Flip vertical
Original image size x
Cropped part size x
New image size x
Crop Image
The image will be cropped first. After that the cropped part will be resized with the options below.
Original Image
Original Image
Resized Image
Resized Image
Right click to the image to save it or Download Your Result.

What can you do with the tool?

The tool will resize you Images, photos, pictures..., It supports differrent formats (.png, jpeg, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, ...). When the image dimensional size is adjusted, the size of it changed accordingly, Original image size and New image size result will display top of this page. It allows flipping, rotating the images after the cropping.

The tool using the base64 code, all the data happens at your browser, So you could handle you image or photo quickly, at the same time your privacy will be protected.

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