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A universally unique identifier (UUID) is an identifier standard used in software construction. The meaning of each bit is defined by any of several variants. It is a 128-bit value.

The tool will test if your 'GUID' is in fact a GUID. You can simply enter an UUID number and click the 'Validate' button.

    UUID (Version 3)
  • a5764857-ae35-34dc-8f25-a9c9e73aa898
  • 2384f927-5e2f-3998-8baa-c768616287f5
  • 6b7fcbb7-1441-3c17-8580-7fc490f21e59
  • 962d8197-4d0b-3a25-8e26-25ac0978de72
  • cdbce47c-85a7-3f2d-9ede-8adc37087d59
UUID (Version 4)
  • 20354d7a-e4fe-47af-8ff6-187bca92f3f9
  • caa8b54a-eb5e-4134-8ae2-a3946a428ec7
  • bd2cbad1-6ccf-48e3-bb92-bc9961bc011e
  • b5e2cf01-8bb6-4fcd-ad88-0efb611195da
  • b11c9be1-b619-4ef5-be1b-a1cd9ef265b7
    • UUID (Version 5)
    • b79cb3ba-745e-5d9a-8903-4a02327a7e09
    • fb3463a0-7d6e-54a3-bcd8-1b93388c648d
    • efe7eedd-89c5-56f5-984c-0712ee41a2eb
    • c40b683b-ac7b-5d6b-b0eb-549cb20169b9
    • 440c0655-0bf6-51b6-a1fa-527f475a6fbc
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